Overview: Is IO-Link the new communication standard?

In connection with the electronic pressure switch PSD-30, I often get asked what is IO-Link and how it is defined. IO-Link is a new communication interface in the area of factory automation/ machine building. Leading providers of automation technology have joined together to form the “IOLink consortium” and specified this new interface. Fail can be used to exchange information on the already existing signal line all the way down to the field level, using a serial protocol.
The advantage is that, for example in the case of a pressure switch, bidirectional communication is possible via the already existing 3-wire connection. The following data can be exchanged using the standardized protocol:
Measurement values: analogue or digital
Configuration parameters: centrally from the control system to the sensor/actuator
Diagnostic information: from the instrument to the control system
For further details on IO-Link, please refer to the IO-Link homepage or the product page for the WIKA PSD-30 electronic pressure switch.

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